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Copper Pipe dealers in Tamilnadu

Copper Pipe dealers in Tamilnadu – Maruthi Engineering Solutions is a synonymous of excellence when it comes to Quality copper pipe manufacturer and dealer. The company is primarily engaged in the trading and wholesaling of Copper & Brass Pipe & Flats. We also leading importer of Copper pipe & Copper Coils. We also facilitate our customers with the easy availability of wholesale copper pipes at the most advantageous deals. In addition to it, we have one of the most reliable Soldering Copper Pipes Suppliers in Tamilnadu.

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Copper piping is a tube-like material made from copper, a red-brown metal with the chemical symbol Cu and atomic number 29. It is used to convey water, gas, oil or other fluid from one location to another.

Copper pipes are commonly used in the construction industry for residential water supply lines and sometimes for drain and vent lines. Copper pipes can be manufactured as soft or rigid copper and they offer excellent corrosion resistance and reliable connections

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What are the properties of copper pipe?

Copper is easy to work and has excellent thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance and durability. It is available in two basic types of tube—plumbing tube and air conditioning/refrigeration (ACR) tube, and in both drawn (hard) and annealed (soft)  tembers.


KEY Benefits for using copper pipe

 In large diameters or small, for liquid or gas, for high- or low-pressure systems under a wide range of temperatures, you can depend on copper and reduce costs for any mechanical system.

KEY BENEFITS of Copper pipe


  1. Variety of applications
  2. Wide range of sizes
  3. Problem-free performance
  4. Long lasting and maintenance free
  5. High thermal conductivity
  6. Easy to join and install
  7. An abundant resource

Long Lasting and Maintenance Free

Copper has stood the test of time to earn customer satisfaction and wide code acceptance. Copper, used for centuries, has gained new popularity in its modern form: light, strong, corrosion-resistant tube. Its long-lasting and maintenance-free characteristics make copper the leading choice for plumbing, heating, cooling and other mechanical systems. Copper never requires painting for protection from corrosion.

In addition, a thin film forms inside the tube, providing natural protection from corrosion. Copper’s trouble-free service means satisfied customers. And its universal acceptability assures compliance with major building codes. Copper is safe, too. It will not burn or support combustion.

So it will not carry fire through floors, walls and ceilings, and it will not decompose into toxic gases.

Easy to Join and Install

Copper adds to system integrity while lowering installation costs. Copper’s workability can cut installation time and reduce labor cost. Tubes and fitting are easily joined metallurgically by soldering or brazing. And copper is so ductile that it can be formed—frequently right on the job site—to fit most design configurations. Because of copper’s formability, it is often possible to eliminate elbows and joints. Since copper is rigid as well as readily formable, it adds to total system integrity even when subjected to adverse conditions.

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