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Rockwool Panel Dealers in Coimbatore

Rockwool panel suppliers in Coimbatore – Maruthi Engineering solutions is the premium quality best Rockwool suppliers in Coimbatore

Rockwool  panel suppliers and  dealers in Coimbatore –  Maruthi Engineering solutions is one of the strong and growing presence in Coimbatore  circular includes manufacturing rockwool materials and supplying the wide range of product with high quality. Providing you the best range of bonded rockwool sectional pipe, preformed rockwool sectional pipe, rockwool sectional pipe and insulated sectional pipe with effective & timely delivery.

Efforts to ensure customer satisfaction

Adopting an expert understanding of requirements, our Rock wool dealers and suppliers in Chennai  offer expert services for highly discerning clients. Through persistent efforts to ensure customer satisfaction, we have grown into an award-winning Rockwool supplier  with a clear difference in the process and results. Our passion for perfection combines creative vision and premium materials to deliver highly personalized enginering solutions.

Rockwool is made of rocks heated to become lava-like liquid. The process by which Rockwool insulation is made helps to explain the true fire-resistant potential of this product. It’s composed primarily of basalt rock and a recycled steel-making by product known as slag. Rockwool suppliers are well trained to be the strong presence given ability. Contact us +91 99944 50427 / +044 48655427 for get a good project with us.

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Quality Policy in Coimbatore

To be a major insulation provider to the private, government, commercial and industrial sectors in Chennai and Erode by manufacturing and supplying cost-effective products for thermal, acoustical and fire resistant applications with a focus on dominant market share, total customer satisfaction, adequate Profitability to sustain growth and respect the environment by continual improvement in quality through effective quality management systems.

We are amongst the well-distinguished companies in this business and are engaged in offering a fine quality range of Insulated Rock Wool to our customers. This Rock Wool is mainly used for insulation purpose in several industries.

Features: Offered products are of optimum quality and can be purchased at economical rates.

  • RB 48Density
  • RB 48Density
  • RB 48Density
  • RB 48Density
  • LRB 100Density
  • LRB 100Density
  • LRB 100Density

Looose wool,Mineral wool & Glass wool

Rockwool reduce heat

  • Rockwool  insulation is a highly flexible material, which works in all spaces as a buffer against fluctuations in temperature. By reducing airflow and heat flow, our products maintain their shape and density, so they perform at their peak throughout the lifetime of the building.

Is Rockwool flammable?

  • By contrast, non-combustible materials such as ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation do not burn or release significant amounts of toxic smoke when exposed to fire.

 What are the safety precautions for Rockwool  ?

Skin / body: wear protective gloves, long sleeve shirt and long pants. Respiratory: Ensure proper ventilation, and use appropriate certified respirator when airborne particulates are above exposure limits; properly fitted NIOSH disposable N95 type dust respirator or better is recommended.

Rock Wool still makes products for residential, industrial and commercial buildings as well as marine applications, none of which contains asbestos. Most of its products sold today are marketed under the trade name DELTA.

Which is better rockwool or Fibreglass?

In many ways, mineral wool is a superior insulation product. It has a higher R-value per inch compared to fiberglass, about a 22-37% higher R-value. It contains 70% recycled material, making it a greener product than fiberglass at 20-30% recycled material.

What is a safer alternative to Rockwool?

Thermafleece acoustic insulation is a greener alternative to normal Rockwool type acoustic mineral wool and is manufactured in the UK using sheep’s wool. It offers first-class acoustic performance in cavities of buildings whilst minimizing impact on the environment.

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Rockwool Panel Dealers

Rockwool Panel Dealers in Chennai

Rockwool  panel suppliers and  dealers in Chennai –  Maruthi Engineering solutions is one of the strong and growing presence in Chennai.

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Rockwool Panel Dealers

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Rockwool  panel suppliers and  dealers in Erode –  Maruthi Engineering solutions is one of the strong and growing presence in Erode.

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