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XLPE  Foam  Suppliers in Coimbatore

XLPE Foam suppliers in Coimbatore – Maruthi Engineering solution is the best XLPE Foam suppliers in Coimbatore.

XLPE  Foam  Dealers and  Suppliers in Coimbatore   –  Maruthi Engineering Solution is the leading dealers in Coimbatore. Leading XLPE Foam Manufacturer in Coimbatore  and its surrounded nearby areas.  All kind of Machine XLPE Foams are supply by our Maruthi Engineering solutions.  Lot of Small Scale Engineering units are there to make Coimbatore  Globally recognized in Engineering Sector.  We provide a well thickness XLPE Foam in all around  Coimbatore  areas.  If you have requirement please contact us : +91 99944 50427 / +044 48655427

Are you finding it difficult to locate one of the best XLPE Foam supplier in Chennai ? Maruthi Engineering solution is equipped with experienced workers who work cross functionally and skillfully to deliver such a good supply in a professional manner. Our prestigious experience centres in Chennai  strategically positioned to XLPE  needs of the premium segment in the region. Focusing on end-to-end XLPE Foam, our team completes the entire process from estimation to execution in the most professional manner. Thus, an efficient team ensures complete customer satisfaction through careful attention to detail.

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Cross linked polyethylene foam

XLPE is an acronym for cross linked polyethylene. XLPE is a thermosetting polymer meaning that the material (polyethylene (PE)) is cured under heat and in that process forms bonds in all directions forming a three dimensional matrix.

Cross-linked polyethylene foam (XLPE) is an ultra-durable closed-cell material that offers excellent chemical properties, thermal insulation properties, strong impact damping, and a host of other desirable attributes.

The difference between XLPE foam and EPE foam

EPE is inert and does not off-gas or produce an odor, whereas XLPE that is chemically cross linked (i.e. manufactured with peroxide) may off-gas or leave an odor affecting the presentation or even damage your product or equipment. Off-gassing may potentially damage optics or other sensitive equipment.

In a batch type operation, the polyethylene is mixed with organic peroxide such as dicumylperoxide and a blowing or foaming agent. The resulting mixture is then molded (i.e., compressed) into slabs and cross-linked by heating, under pressure, at an elevated temperature (e.g., from 135° to 205° C.)

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Benefits of XLPE Foam Insulation

  • Condensation proof
  • High density
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Aluminium foil Laminated high durability
  • Self-adhesive to metal or any other surface
  • Fire retardant & high temperature resistant.

Pipe Insulation | Low Price | Long Life belongs Maruthi Engineering solutions

XLPE Foam Insulation is made of Chemical cross-linked polyethylene foam. It is manufactured by high-temperature foaming after extrusion, cross-linked and foaming at the same time. It is the ideal foam for applications where support and high durability is required. XLPE foam is a strong, resilient closed-cell foam. XPE is most suitable for products requiring a shock absorbing, vibration dampening, insulation, barrier or buoyancy component etc.

We manufacture and supplying good quality XLPE foam insulation system for pipe, Duct, HVAC thermal insulation, roof, wall, outdoor home. Low-density polyethylene foam has numerous applications because of its many desirable properties including water-resistance, chemical resistance, energy-absorbance, buoyancy and cushioning characteristics.

Compressive strength is greater in denser foams, decreasing as density decreases. Low-density foams tend to exhibit more compressive creep, meaning they become less thick over time, than higher-density foams.

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XLPE  Foam  Dealers and  Suppliers in Chennai–  Maruthi Engineering Solution is the leading dealers in Chennai.

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